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Ron Artest, now formally know as Metta World Peace is a brusier. What doest this mean? He is a defense first player that isn’t afraid to get physical when his team needs it. He fits this role perfectly with the Lakers, and proved sometimes things are taken way to far. Peace is a repeat offender in the league, and his elbow to the face of James Harden warranted a suspension. But why did he decide to pull an MMA move in the NBA? Here are my 4 reasons why he swung away.

4.) Ron being Ron: Like I said before he is a repeat offender. Some people solve their frustration by yelling , maybe taking a walk. Mr. Peace does so by hurting others, just ask the guy who threw the beer at him in Detroit.

3.) Celebration gone wrong: If you watched the game you would have seen Metta telling the referee’s that he hit Harden during his elaborate celebration. Yeah he had just thrown down a massive tomahawk, but who celebrates swinging thier elbows in the air.

2.) Game plan: I’m not saying Mike Brown told Metta to hit Harden, Im saying he told him to watch him. Sometimes player like Peace don’t take the word watch to another level. Maybe Brown should pick somebody else next time to watch perennial all-stars like Harden.

1.) Jawing: There is no real way to defend what Peace did on this play, but we can assume their had to be some provoking. Harden and Peace were at it all day, going tit for tat. Maybe Artest didn’t like how Harden bodied him up on the play, so he decided to let him know with an elbow haymaker.

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