12 March 2011

Chalk another one up for the big guy

If you asked sports sensation Brock Lesnar about his early life, he would tell you he wasn’t always first in fact he was also last.  Lesnar finishing last in his class knew that his future was in sports.  Lesnar became a member of the WWE in 2005.  He was dominating, winning numerous awards and events.  A few years later he decided to join the NFL, playing the Minnesota Vikings for a few preseason games.  His final venture came at the hands of the UFC.

Lesnar has showed all the great abilities of a true athlete; speed, strength and power.  He has rejuvinted two sports with his abilities.  But I ask Lesnar, why not one more sport?

Over the year’s boxing has lost its viewers to the likes of the UFC and other fighting sports.  Once a sport marked by names like Ali and Foreman, it’s the few greats left that are carrying the torch.

Put it this way Lesnar will enter as a heavy weight (the neediest group of all) and he will rejuvenate boxing?

Yes Lesnar has the abilities to be great, but his biggest attribute is his ability to be a catalyst for improvement for both himself and wherever he plays.

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