6 May 2011

An Unexpected Compliment

Today’s Sports Journalism class was for the unexpected.  Our visiting speaker was Maureen Nasser AD of Communications here at George Mason University.  The topic was professionalism, I felt under dressed for the topic in my jeans and ragged sweat shirt.

Ms. Nasser discussed her jobs before working GMU, her ventures with the Washington Wizards as a PR personnel. She talked about how her professionalism progressed as well as decreased as she furthered her career. 

But the most surprising comment of the day was when Maureen mentioned a student in the class as being a perfect example of professionalism.

“Tyler here, is one of the most professional students as a broadcaster”, said Nasser.

It was a shock, I had no idea that people were actually noticing the many ties and slacks I had gone through over the course of the basketball season.  It was satisfying to know that I had been doing the right thing, as well as hear it from someone who controls my job.

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