6 May 2011

Player, Coach, Teacher, Broadcaster

In class on Thursday we listened to a speech from Craig Esherick, former coach of Georgetown and one of the authors of our textbook “Media Relations in Sports.”

The topic of Esherick’s discussion was based on the principle of deadline.  It was fitting topic for someone who had just finished writing a book.

He talked about how he did a lot of research for the book and needed to have his assigned chapters submitted on deadline.

“It was a process,” said Esherick. 

That it was he was in charge of a section of the book labeled the “coaches corner” as well as the chapter on law ethics.  He stressed the importance of having the ‘coaches corner” in the book as it reached a dimension that is understandable to all those involved in athletics.  The coach deals with the tensions of reporters, players and sometimes even other coaches.

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