6 May 2011

Jonny D

Jon DeNunzio broke into the sports business at the University of Virginia writing on none other than Women’s Soccer.

He stressed the word “landscape.”

The idea of landscape is about watering you garden or tending your flower beds.  It’s about being well rounded in what your profession has to offer.  For example if you’re a writer you shouldn’t just be focused on your section, you should be well rounded in all aspects.

Think of it this way if you can relate with more people, its more opportunities for you to relate with someone and find a quality story.

His words were interesting but his lessons were exact.  You have to be a strong person and willing work hard for what you want.  It’s like that guy he spoke about who say a bomb at the Olympics.  He didn’t get help or walk away, he walked right towards it. 

That’s dedication.

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