22 February 2011

Durant’s future has thunder, but what about some lightning?

Kevin's Dream is Kareem's nightmare

At 22 years old Kevin Durant is a scoring sensation, with the breath of a veteran. He is the leader of a young team that has already begun to make noise as the NBA’s newest contender. I’m sure the Texas standout never thought he could one day be basketball’s greatest god. Well that is with the help of longevity and a little added math.
Over a 20 year career the all time scoring leader Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played in 1,560 games and scored a total of 38,387 points. He ended his spectacle of a career with an average of 24.6 points per game.
In just a 3 year career Kevin Durant age 22 has played in a mere 286 games and scored a total of 7,411 points. His career scoring average sits at 25.9 points per game.
Abdul-Jabbar was a magician of age, he played until the age of 42 at one of the most grueling positions in the game center. If you don’t believe me just talk to Shaq, I’m sure his body has nightmares about “hack a shaq”. Durant still young and not fully defined, could he keep the engine running until 42 as well. We all saw Michael play through his 40’s, but the stats were nowhere near sir Michaels prime.
Let’s pretend Durant is able to escape injury and play that long.
Assuming Durant’s average doesn’t increase or decrease. If you take the total amount of game Jabbar played minus Durant’s it will give you a total of 1,274 games. Then take that number of games multiplied by Durant’s career average of 25.9 points per game and you get roughly 33,000 points. This doesn’t include the rest of this year. Durant’s point total also doesn’t include the rest of this NBA season. So if you take his current season average of 28.8 point per game times the remaining 32 games yet to play it will give you 924 points. That number coupled with his current season total gives you a total of 2,368 points this season alone. So his current total of 7,411 points with the added guess of another 924 this season gives us a grand total of 8,335 points for Durant’s career. NOW IT’S TIME FOR THE GOOD STUFF. If Mr. Thunder himself can average around 25.9 points per game for the next 20 seasons it would look like this:
82 games * 20= 1,640 games
1,640 games * 25.9 points per game= 42,476 points for his career
Durant would have shattered Jabar’s record by over 4,000 points. A new all time scoring leader.
Oh and just to make your brains hurt a little more, we said that Durant could obtain a total of 2,368 points this season. Those 4,000 extra points minus the 2,368 gives you 1,632 points. Durant could actually become the scoring champion at 41 and have played 23 1/2 seasons.
I’m sure it would be hard to do all this in a career. Maybe it’s time Durant asked Zeus to really give him some thunder power?

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