22 February 2011

Life without Print Media

Technology is juiced and print is sadder than ever

Print media has been around for year, the first issue of TSN (The Sporting News) came out in the early 1880’s. But we now stand 130 years past that time. Technology is moving at a rate that reminds you of Jeff Gordon on a NASCAR track. It’s hard for any avid sport head to think of a world without print media, but in the future it could be a possibility.
Imagine all those 6am wake ups, you grab you coffee and head outside to the end of the street. NO NEWSPAPER today. Instead you morning ritual has become a internet bonding experience as your eyes take in the interactive state of sports web pages.
The thought of this is not impossible, as today we see things like basketball programs and team pamphlets turning to online. The cost to print something exceeds what it cost to post something online.
Creating an experience for the avid fan is what sports “bigs” around the world are looking for. With the internet and new technology this is a possibility. In few years Print Media could be pulling a 2011 season, an official retirement.

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